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FliTrap Testimonials

I live in a beautiful part of Suffolk but have neighbours who keep / breed chickens and pigs and so in the summer months we have a lot of flies. I bought eight Fli-Traps in mid June 2011 and hung them round the house and in the garden. They took a few days to get going but the results have been astounding. I would thoroughly recommend this product.

Simon Whan

''We bought your products after hearing the FliTrap being recommendation by
an on-air listener on BBC Radio 2 last week. They were right, the product is fantastic,
and your service is first class.''

James Bingham - Ipswich

"We trialed a FliTrap at the back end of September 08 as we had a severe mosquito and fly problem through the summer in the gardens of the restaurant like everyone else does in Spain. I couldn't belive how many they caught and what a difference they made to outdoor dining. There's no way we will be without them this year!"

Nick - Streets of London, Estepona, Spain

''Hello, just a quick update for you regarding your FliTrap - it has been
up for 4 days in the sunshine and it is standing room only now for the mosquitos - and a
few wasps fighting to get in. These products are brilliant and work far better than
we ever anticipated. Already there are a lot less flies around us and we can eat outside.
We are watching the traps as much as TV now, better entertainment altogether!
Will certainly recommend you and the FliTrap, and am happy to let
you use this short email if it helps, thank you''

Chris & Betty Taylor - Los Higuerales - Spain

''Thought i would let you know the FliTrap is working brilliantly, we have already
disposed of loads of flies and the fly problem is now under control, thankfully''

Christine Thatcher - Norwich

"Thank you for the FliTrap. We were really impressed how they cleared the areas of mosquitos and made the outside kitchen and dining fly free. We never knew you could do anything about flies outdoors until you mentioned it. Great idea and you will do really well with the product especially on the Costa Del Sol as last year was a nightmare for flies."

Claire and Kevin - Robin Hood, Estepona, Spain

''I am really impressed with this product as it does what it says.
My FliTrap is positively heaving with them and i have emptied it
three times already, many thanks''

Mrs Beasland - Scotland


''I found you on the Omlet forum, all those positive comments on there
are right, the product works 100%, the customer service is second to none
and your whole approach is increadibly positive, thank you.''

Joice Henman - Kent

"I was so impressed with your FliTrapsI haven't stopped telling everyone about them. Varsha has even been selling them from the beauty salon to clients. Good luck with your launch in Spain and we know you will "fly" with it."

Tony & Varsha - Varsha's Hair & Beauty, Spain

''We were having a nightmare summer this year with the mosquitos
here in Spain - i was swatting over 100 a day before i bought your FliTrap.
We overlook a golf course and there is a small farm about a mile away.
Thankfully your products work so well we can now eat 'al fresco' again
and sunbath - which is the whole reason we moved out here. I have already
told neighbours and friends, expect more orders from over here!''

Steven Laidlaw - Spain

''Thanks for the prompt service and effectivness of your wonderfull
product, hats off to you all, excellent value for money, well packaged
and easy to use''

Glen Stevenson - Cornwall

''Thank you for the fast service you provided to me over here in Switzerland.
I was unsure if the goods would arrive but they did and were in perfect condition,
FliTrap is working well also, you will notice i have ordered some more''

Rolf Krup - Switzerland

''To all at, first class product, fantastic service,
problem solved - thank you''

John Brearley - Sussex

''Steve and everybody at FliTrap. A big thank you for all your help. The flies that came
into my garden from the local chicken farm like the FliTrap better than my kitchen!
I have already told my neighbours about the product and i know one of them has ordered
four from you and is equally as happy. Its the only product that has ever worked and
i have been trying to solve it for five years!''

Jo Parker - Lincoln

''Wow, FliTrap is a great product, I'm pleased i found you.
You should have received orders from my neighbours by now!''

Brad Russell - Sydney Australia

''We keep pet chickens at home and have' suffered with flies for the last few
years, i cant thank you enough for providing a perfect solution to the problem.
I was recommended to your website by a fellow chicken keeper and i know
she is just as happy''

Amy Clarke - Ireland

''FliTrap...fantastic. Goods arrived in 2 days, started working the next day...first class,
i will be telling my ex-pat friends about you.''

Martin Penny - Portugal

''Hi, having used my FliTrap for a few weeks now I would just like to let you know
how pleased I am with them, they certainly have made a dent in our local fly population
and are certainly every bit as efficient as your web site claims. Our neighbours have
already ordered theirs and I wont hesitate in recommending FliTrap to more locals.''

Ian Pickering - Cheshire

''In warmer summer months we had always had problems with blue bottles
coming from a neighbouring property and on getting pet chickens for our garden
it got to the point where the flies were so bad we couldn't open our windows as so
many flies got in the house. FliTrap was recommended by somebody and almost
immediately stopped our problem.
The service received when buying replacement bait and additional FliTrap containers
has always been excellent with items arriving literally the next day. We are very
impressed with everything.
Excellent device,very simple and does a fantastic job.''

Alexandra Rawlins - London

''Hi FliTrap, we live in a cave house here in Spain. The cave next door keeps goats
and chickens and the owner isnt too particular so we gets lots of mosquitos, flies, fleas
and other undesirable insects!
We bought your outside FliTraps last summer also and found them to work well in keeping
down our fly problem.
I think re ordering them again for this summer speaks for itself, thank you.''

Mrs Miller - Spain

''Hello, we found out about your products last year from a friend who
searches the net. Most English over in France live in rural areas around farms
and mosquitos are a nuisance. Our friend ordered from you and bought us one at
the same time. We were so impressed that I tell everybody about your products, good luck with everything.''

Paul Jefferys - France

''Hi Andy, many thanks for despatching the FliTrap so quickly - the mosquitos have
started to annoy me this week - i never knew flies bit until i moved to France.
It doesnt help having cows in the field opposite my front door!
I heard about you from friends who live in the area, Paul and Lynda Jeffereys,
who i notice have a testimonial on your website. Lynda told me how effective
your FliTrap's are at keeping flies out of the house. Many thanks again.

Terry Smith - France

''FliTrap, what a product, the best purchase i have made all year!
It has been the most effective product at reducing flies in my stable.
I have bought other fly traps that didn't work, but these killed the flies,
just as you said they would! Thank you''

Harry Wright - Devon

''Andy, FliTrap, what a product, what a service.
the best!''

Richard Jenkins - Jersey

''Andrew can you pass my appreciation onto your staff regarding the advice
and professional manner in which they dealt with my questions regarding
the removal of cluster flies in my loft and for delivering a fly trap that actually worked.''

Kind regards

Dale Blackey - Kent

''to all at FliTrap, just to let you know i have had your FliTrap's up for about
a month now, bloody brilliant, theres hundreds of dead flies in them''

Chris Webb - Surrey

living in France and relying on companies in the UK is usually hard work.
I have to say that you did what you said you would and the FliTrap killed more flies
than i would have imagined or that you stated it would.
You have a very happy customer here and i have already started spreading the word about
flitrap to my neighbours in the village.''

Many thanks

Matthew Small - France