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FliTrap Usage Instructions

add the FliBait to the Fly trap

Step 1

The FliTrap consists of 1 sachet of protein attractant, a lid, a strap and the fly container. Unscrew the lid and pour in the contents of the sachet. Pour warm tap water (not boiling from a kettle) until the trap is about half full.

Mix the Flibait

Step 2

Mix thoroughly by rotating the FliTrap in small circles, then screw the lid back on with the strap clamped between the lid and the FliTrap body.

Hang the fly trap outside

Step 3

This is important - Hang the FliTrap in an outdoor position, preferably in the sun where movement of air through the holes in the trap will release the odour of the protein fermenting, along with the pheromones generated by the flies.

Replace the bait

Step 4

This pheromone is a very powerful attractant and safe outdoor fly trap. Once flies are inside, they become confused, begin to dehydrate and fall into the protein/water mix and will soon die. Once the trap is full simply empty out and replace the bait - or simply replace the entire unit.